Hill Of Happiness Monthly Recap: October 2022

Welcome to our first ever monthly recap!

Truthfully as I write this, I’m not sure that anyone will care, and that’s fine. We’re hoping this is a neat way for James and I to  journal about our lives, and even if it’s just the two of us reading back over one day, it will have been a neat way to spend some time!

Overall Thoughts About October

This was the first month that our new site had been launched, which was something we had been thinking about for a while.

James has been really stressed out about finding new ways to make some more money, and to sort of rekindle this feeling of making an impact that he craves. While he has another blog that’s been doing really well, he’s sort of lost the connection he used to have with people.

That’s because his articles are super informational, so people find them in Google. They leave straight away though, so he doesn’t really have much of an audience or following he can really feel like has a connection with.

We talked together about the idea of starting a more personal site, where we can share the things that matter most to us – family life, and making memories. Living life to the fullest, with purpose.

At the same time, we’ve been super thankful to even have the opportunity to think about things like this – we aren’t stuck, struggling to get by. So, we wanted to do something that can actually help people.

Neither of us really know what this site is going to become yet, or if anyone will ever even read it. But just like this first monthly recap, even if it’s just the two of us that can look back on it, at least it will be a great way to document our lives a bit.

Fun Memories We Made This Month

The most notable memories we made this month came towards the end!

On October 29th, our town through its first Harvest Festival, which I was grateful to help organize. It is what helped come up with our post for tips to help your fall festival go smoothly – so if you’re ever planning one of your own, check it out!

Then on October 31st, it was Halloween! We handed out candy at our office in town. This was our first year living in our new rural community, and the houses are too spread out for trick or treaters. This was definitely a new experience, but it worked! The kids were happy, and it was fun for us too.

Everything Else:

In addition to the above, this month we also…

  • Reached month 12 of trying to conceive, meaning our doctors will finally start running tests.
  • Traveled to the closest nearby city for the first time, which was about 2.5 hours away.
  • James got his first crown, which he described as being ‘worse than a root canal.’
  • I finished my first season of Farmers’ markets in a nearby town I vend at.
  • Spent hours and hours trying to think of a name for this site (naming things has always been really hard!)
  • Started setting aside a budget for our next trip – if that ever happens.

Although nothing enormous happened this month, it was still pretty exciting – and seeing the harvest festival come to life after all of our planning made me really happy!


What did your October look like?

If you bothered reading this far, I’d love to know! Share what you’re up to using the comment form below 😊

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