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Does Aldi Sell Buttermilk? (Details, Prices + FAQ)

Thinking of dinner and all the ingredients you need to prepare it?

Perhaps your local Aldi grocery is not too far away, and you are searching for the last ingredient you need for that old family fried chicken and biscuit recipe – buttermilk!

Although today’s buttermilk is not made the same as when your family recipe was created, do not despair. Today’s cultured buttermilk will work in your family recipe just the same.

In this article I will cover whether Aldi sells buttermilk and if so, what options are available!

Does Aldi Sell Buttermilk?

Aldi Grocery Store

Yes, I am happy to share that Aldi does indeed sell buttermilk!

So whether you are making a quick stop for just a couple items or looking to fill up your cart with all the ingredients your recipe calls for, you will certainly find buttermilk at Aldi. So, there’s no risk in making a quick trip to the store!

Let’s look over what brands and sizes of buttermilk Aldi carries, so you can decide whether or not their offerings will fit your recipe.

What Brands Of Buttermilk Does Aldi Carry?

At this time, Aldi only carries their own private label brand, Friendly Farms.

What Aldi lacks in buttermilk choices however, it makes up with their low price.

When stores carry their own brand – in this case, Friendly Farms, it saves money by cutting out one of the middlemen. This helps Aldi pass the savings onto customers.

How Much Does Buttermilk Cost At Aldi?

Friendly Farms Buttermilk is only $1.79 for 64 oz!  Although Aldi only carries buttermilk in half gallon containers, other stores may offer smaller portions – but at marked up prices.

Safeway offers their store brand Lucerne for $3.49 for a half gallon, a quart for $2.99 and a pint will cost $1.49.  Walmart is slightly cheaper at around $3.13 for 64 oz, but is surprisingly still more expensive than Aldi!

A 64oz container may be far more than what you need, so maybe another store’s smaller portions will help eliminate waste.

My suggestion is to find another recipe and use within its suggested pull date. There are a lot of great recipes online or in cookbooks that you will be sure to find something delicious to use it in, and you will have the benefit of already having the buttermilk on hand.

Perhaps some light fluffy pancakes are in your future!

What Aisle Can Buttermilk Be Found In At Aldi?

At Aldi, you can find buttermilk in the refrigerated section where you can find other products such as milk, creamer and other dairy items.

This is also the same section in which eggs and butter can be found, so it’s hard to miss.

If you are having trouble finding the dairy section at Aldi ask a store employee for assistance.

Do All Aldi Stores Carry Buttermilk?

Yes! You can find buttermilk at all Aldi stores.  Although due to high demand, supplies may run low.

So if you’re worried, you can call the store in advance so someone can verify with you. Aldi has a store locator on their website that will include your local store’s contact information, and you can view it by clicking here!


Thankfully, buttermilk can be found at all Aldi stores, so if you were to stop by, it’s very likely you’ll find some available to purchase.

However, Aldi only sells their own private label brand, in a 64 oz container. So, it may be better to visit a different store if you wish to purchase a smaller quantity.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about Aldi, please ask them below and I’ll be happy to help!

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