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Do People Still Read Parenting Blogs? (The Honest Truth)

Being that our blog is about family life, a lot of our audience are parents with children.

And over the years teaching blogging to my 6,000+ paid students, I’ve had a lot of parents ask me – is it still possible to find success with a parenting blog? Do people even read mom blogs anymore?

Although I’ll admit the landscape has changed a lot in the last 10 years, I have some encouraging new for those looking to start blogs based around their own families.

So, if you’ve ever thought about starting a parenting blog, pay attention! This article is going to be really important to understand.

Do People Still Read Parenting Blogs?

Mom Using Computer With Baby

Yes! In fact, more parenting-related content is being consumed online today, than it ever has been in the past!

However, people spend less time reading and browsing through blogs than they did in the past. This isn’t just true for the parenting market, but for blogging in general.

That being said, it is still possible to find success with parenting blogging, it just requires a different strategy then it did in the past.

I’ll be sharing some ideas in just a moment. First, let’s quickly look over how the blogging landscape has changed.

Blogs In General Aren’t Being Consumed Like They Used To

The blogging landscape was a lot different even just 10 years ago, than it was now.

In the past, there weren’t nearly as many blogs online. So, when people found one that they liked, they would actually come back to the site regularly, to see what new content the blog had decided to publish.

Outside of just a handful of websites or niches online, most people don’t really do that anymore.

Now that there are millions of content creators online, people may consume a single piece of content, but then they’ll typically leave. If they happened to land on your website from Google, there’s a good chance they won’t even remember what website they were just on five minutes later.

So, building an actual audience that reads all of your audience is much more difficult than it used to be.

That being said, if you can do something to retain those visitors – such as getting them to sign up for an email newsletter, or follow you on another platform, then you can succeed just as easily as ever. After all, you’ll have a way to bring them back!

Build A Brand, Not Just A Blog

Today, the best thing to do if you want to find success as a mom or dad blogger, is to think beyond just blogging alone.

People may not follow blogs like they used to, but they still follow creators just as much as ever. It’s just that the content that they consume is spread out across a larger number of platforms.

So, instead of publishing content on just a blog, think beyond that. Consider starting social media pages, and sharing content there.

Or, publishing YouTube videos in addition to your articles.

In my opinion, YouTube can be even more powerful than a blog at times, since video content really lets you feel like you know a person.

When it comes to online success, it’s not just about the number of people you reach – it’s about how deep your connection with your audience actually runs.

By building an actual following instead of just pumping up viewer numbers on your blog, it’s easier than ever to find success running a creator business in the parenting market.


Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to find success running a creator business in the parenting market.

However, because people don’t follow blogs like they did in the past, you’ll want to explore other ways to connect with your audience further. That way, instead of reading one article and bouncing away forever, you can get your content in front of them over and over again.

I hope that this article has given you some new things to think about.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask them through the comment form below! I’ve been running blogs for over 10 years now, and would be happy to answer anything you’d wish to know.

– James McAllister

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